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The book “Fair Practices” is a complete guide to participating in Trade Fairs. It gives the readers a complete insight into the trade of Trade Fairs. It explains systematically as to what a trade fair is and as to how one can effectively participate in it.

The book is divided into various easy to follow sections which systematically explain the readers the tricks and trades of participating in Trade Fairs worldwide.

The methodical approach and detailed analysis makes the book a must for all those who are connected with Trade Fair industry in some or the other way. A participant of a Trade Fair has to promote itself as well as it’s products or services in a very limited time.

A participant of a Trade fair thus, needs to do a thorough exercise before, during and after participating in any such Trade Fair. The book “Fair Practices” makes this task easier for those who participate in Trade Fairs.

The book, which is now available on stands, fills the void in this academic section..





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